Our Mission

Empowered Teen mother's productive lives and a fulfilling future

Our Vision

To provide a supportive environment to teen mothers through Advocacy and Capacity Building

Our Goal

A Social -economically empowered generation of teens empowering each other

Peerless Support Background

There are many negative variables affecting young people, especially young women and girls in the district. According to the 2014 population and housing census conducted by UBOS, females who are aged 12-19 years who have given birth stand at 15.3%, while the proportion of women (young females) aged 10-17 years who have ever been married is 6.5%. This implies that child marriages are prevalent in the district with devastating effects on the future of young women and girls. Regarding young people (aged 10-17) who are in child Labour, the census data puts the proportion at 40.1%, while the proportion of the same age group that is illiterate stands at 22.3%.

The above factors call for a consistent and sustained intervention to reach out and support the disadvantaged young people (10-25) to access vocational skills, life skills training, access to medical care, health education, information, counseling and guidance, access to agricultural inputs, and training in modern farming skills, in the intermediate and long term; while in the short time to support access basic material things such as books, clothing, etc.

Our Programs

Fact: 1 of every 4 teenage girls gets pregnant willingly or unwillingly.

Why We Exist

Teenage pregnancy in the communities in Uganda is increasing at a high rate. According to official statistics, 1 of every 4 teenage girls gets pregnant willingly or unwillingly (UBOS, 2012). This has in turn led to an increased number of school drops outs, increasing the number of prostitutes as many of them lack the skills for employment. A few who manage to get informal employment as housemaids are mistreated, work without pay, are underpaid, and most times, sexually exploited by their male employers.